Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops


Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops are specially designed energy-healing healing drops to help you in different situations and conditions. Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops are available in 5 variants to help you with all kinds of challenges. (25 USD incl. VAT per bottle and 100 USD incl. VAT for 10 pieces).

Healing Drops

Soulbalancemethod™ Healing Drops: The drops are used to create calmness, divinity, healing, courage, mental power, healing, intuition and help you let go of your anger, your control needs and fears.
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Detox Drops

Soulbalancemethod™ Detox Drops: The drops are used for those who want to get rid of mercury, amalgam, aluminum, chlorine, flour, parasites, bacteria, viruses and other toxins in body, mind, emotions and spirit.
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Body alignment drops

Soulbalancemethod™ Body Alignment Drops: The drops are used for those who want to correct all vertebras in the back and neck, as well as correct uneven leg length. Also for you with disc rupture, scoliosis and rheumatism and other body disorders..
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Antistress drops

Soulbalancemethod™ Anti Stress Drops: The drops are used for anyone who is stressed in any way. You may go through a crisis or suffer from post-traumatic stress. For those who do not get life in order, how much you try.
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Soulbalancemethod ™ Clearing Drops: The drops are used to cleanse yourself, any place or object from negative energies. When you are not free from foreign negative energies, negative symptoms may occur.
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Energy drops 10 flaskor

Buy 10 Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops bottles and choose from the 5 varieties. If you do not leave a message what you want, then 2 bottles of each kind will be sent.
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Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops with other products

You can most effectively use the Energy drops with other Soulbalancemethod products för optimal health.

For Heavy metal poisoning I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro Leaf Powder. For pathogens like parasites, worms, virus and bacteria I use SodiumChlorite 22,4%, HCL 4%, Bentonite and DMSO. I drink this, do Noose Irrigation and Enemas with (no DMSO in enemas) For infections deep in the body like teeth, jaw, skeleton and other organs I use megadoses of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Himalaya salt together.

Soulbalancemethod™ Energy Drops with Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are very effective getting rid of paradigms that hinder your health in life. I have created a series of Binaural Beats for Health, Financial, Relationship and lack of Success issues.


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