C Vitamin Salt protocol

C Vitamin Salt protocol is a protocol for those who seriously want to improve their health. You use C vitamin (Ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt to get the best effect with regards to Borrelia, Epstein Barr, Candiida and other infections that are difficult to access. The mixture really goes in depth and heals at the cellular level.

C Vitamin Father Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling has won two Nobel Prizes, but he devoted much of his life to further developing the use of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for health purposes. He discovered that if you took megadoses of ascorbic acid the body started to heal. The worse you were, the higher the dose you would take and the body tolerated the dose the more infections you had. Linus tested the approach to a variety of physical and mental symptoms, and the results always exceeded themselves and most people became healthy or better.

My own experience

I myself was very skeptical about the whole thing but I decided to try C vitamin megadoses on on myself. I had also read about how salt (Himalayan salt) could boost the effect of vitamin C. The results were amazing where I got rid of my symptoms from Borrelia, Candida and Epstein Barr. These infections I had had problems with after a mercury poisoning which almost killed me. I also got rid of infections that were deep in teeth, jaw and skeleton.

C Vitamin Salt protocol with other products

The main cause of imbalance and disease is due to 3 reasons. Partly, it is emotional blocks from childhood and sometimes past lives that set it up. These we correct with Soulbalancemethod Coaching, healing and mediality. Many people also have a body full of heavy metals from among others. Vaccinations and Amalgam. We correct this with Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder. Infections in the body I correct with a mixture of Sodium chlorite 22.4%, Hydrochloric acid 4%, Bentonite and DMSO. I drink, take nasal wash and enema with the mixture (never take DMSO in enema).

C Vitamin Salt protocol with Binaural Beats

To get optimal results we need the brain to work optimally. By using my special developed Binaural Beats the brain will start to heal on every level. The brain gets the right frequencies to start creating health and balance from within.

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