Enema bag and Nose Irrigator

Enema bag and Nose Irrigator are for you to speed up your detoxification from heavy metals and pathogens. One can see the body as three closed systems where one is nose and sinuses. Next is mouth, throat and stomach. We finish with the gut. Each part needs to be cleaned separately, otherwise there are often pathogens such as worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold left there. For me, it has also helped against Lyme Disease, Candida and Epstein barr Virus and for heavy metals.

The enema bag is available in natural rubber or silicone. The bag is 2 liters and is complete for use.  

The Nose Irrigator is in blue transparent plastic with a button that is pressed to make the water flow into the nose. Let half of the liquid flow into one nostril and out through the other nostril. Repeat with the other nostril.

Enema bag and Nose Irrigator other products

I use megadosas of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt to access infections deep inside the body such as teeth, tooth-bone, jaw and other body parts. Good to drink and take nasal wash with.

Also use sodium chlorite 22.4%, hydrochloric acid 4%, bentonite and DMSO to access worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold. Drink, take nasal wash and enema with (without DMSO in enema).

Enema bag and Nose irrigator with Binaural Beats

By using the specially developed Binaural Beats that I have programmed you can now really be healthy. Through the various tones in the ears, a certain frequency is created in the brain which heals it on all levels. There are Binaural Beats for your health, finances, relationships and for creating success. Each area has a certain base tone and some difference between the tones in each ear. You need a pair of headphones to listen to the tones to get results. If you want to listen during the night, it goes well and you get the effect both when you are awake and when you sleep.

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