Soulbalancemethod Coaching

Soulbalancemethod Coaching. Here you have the chance to work with Hans individually via phone, Skype or Messenger.

In recent years, the Soulbalancemethod has spread rapidly as a leading method of healing.  During your coaching, Hans will guide you through coaching, healing and mediality. You will find the spiritual reasons why you do not have the balance you want in your life. It may be about health, finances and/ or relationships. Where the Soulbalancemethod will go into depth and heal the spiritual cause of your problems. Once the spiritual cause is resolved, you will receive the help of the Divine power. To heal the problems with your feelings, the mind and in physical form. I also work successfully to help clients perform optimally at work and in sports with improved results.

The Soulbalancemethod works with this life, past lives and other dimensions to help you solve all of your challenges.

You can book under coaching via our webshop and Hans will there after contact you to set up an appointment.

Soulbalancemethod Coaching more possibilities

Hans can also intuitively feel what your imbalances are regarding health issues. So you can find out if you have heavy metal poisoning from mercury, aluminium etc. Furthermore Hans can feel if you have infections in your body like Lyme disease, Candida and Epstein Barr. He will further give his recommendations with what products you will be able to heal.

Soulbalancemethod Coaching Products

For heavy metal poisoning I work with Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder for optimal detox. Regarding infections I work with Sodiumchlorite, HCL, Bentonite and DMSO. The best way to take this is to drink it, use a Noise irrigator and to take Enemas (without DMSO for enemas). For really tough infections I use megadoses of C vitamin (ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt. You can drink this and take it with a Noise irrigator.

Soulbalancemethod Coaching Binaural Beats

I have developed as series of Binaural Beats with a specific tone for different issues. We work here with Health, Financial, Relationships and lack of success issues. For every track there will be a different tone for each ear. The brain will create the tone that is the difference between the tones and healing will take place. This way you can delete old negative paradigms in you were nothing helped befor.

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The Soulbalancemethod in the Swedish version Helmetoden