Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification

Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification to clear parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, fungal mold, candida, Lyme and Epstein barr. It is the best way to go to be completely free of this. By mixing Sodium chlorite 22.4% and Hydrochloric acid 4%, a reaction is created and Chlorine Dioxide is formed which purifies from all types of pathogens. The mixture is advantageously stored in a 1 liter non-toxic graded bottle which can be used during the day.

Discounted combi pack with 3 bottles of sodium sphere 22.4% and 3 bottles of hydrochloric acid 4%.

Enema bags and nasal wash

There are enema bags and nasal irrigators to further help the body recover. Bentonite is good for mold and can be added to the mixture and you get a deeper effect if you also add DMSO which is a sulfur based product. Note, never use DMSO with enemas.

Also see for 10 cans packages offering for the Bentonite and 10 bottles of DMSO for a long-term solution.

Heavy Metals

Chlorine dioxide water purification is usually the best way to get rid of the pathogens in the body. But there is so much more that needs to be corrected. Heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum poison our cells and can damage us even in very small quantities. Over the years, I have met so many people who have been injured and poisoned by Amalgam. These two reasons for poisoning cause symptoms that in many cases persist. I myself had struggled with vaccination injuries and amalgam with diffuse symptoms. The symptoms I had were ME, allergies, anxiety, phobias, depression, MS and ALS similar symptoms that never went away. Over the years, I tried traditional treatments like psychologists, psychiatrists and alternative medicine without getting help.

Chlorella and Cilantro leaf powder

Chlorine dioxide water purification was not sufficient. When my intuition brought me in the direction that I should take Chlorella Sorokiniana and Coriander leaf powder everything fell into place. Chlorella Sorokiniana has the ability to bind and release heavy metals throughout the body except the brain. For the brain, we need Cilantro leaf powder that can go beyond the blood brain barrier and release heavy metals from the brain. Cilantro does not have the ability to bind heavy metals but it needs the chlorella to expel the heavy metals from the body. Never take Cilantro Leaf powder without Chlorella Sorokiniana because then you get a lot of toxins in the body that can never get out. The result are cleansing symptoms such as aches in the body etc. Even a cheap Chlorella can give the same symptoms as it releases the heavy metals before they come out of the body.

Vitamin C and Himalayan salt

Chlorine Dioxide water purification is a good way along the healing path. But for the best effect I also use vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt to get the pathogens out of the bones, teeth, jaw and other body. When I started using this protocol it started healing quickly. I take about 3 grams of Himalayan salt and then 3 grams of C vitamin with water twice a day and infections in the toothbone, jaw and skeleton and other body have healed.

Calcium hypochlorite WPS2

In some cases when other products are not used, I use the powder that removes other pathogens than the Chlorine Dioxide mixture. I use it myself with desirable results.

Energy Drops

I have developed energized drops that are bottled with distilled water. These drops have different energy depending on the area of ​​use. Healing drops are made for a general healing and create a peace of mind and body.

10 cans and 20 cans of combo pack

Take note of this offer to buy any combination of Chlorella, Cilantro, Neem, Chanca Piedra, Bentonite and C vitamin 170 g at a greatly discounted price. One can also buy 10 cans of one sort.  The same advantageous price for 10 cans Neem.

Chlorine Dioxide water purification coaching

When I work with clients, many people need some healing on the spiritual level as help on the way. I help you remove blocks in the soul from childhood and past lives We will also intuitively feel and heal if you are not in balance with health, finances or relationships.

The Chlorine Dioxide products are approved for water purification and nothing else. Harmful in concentrated doses without water. You can also buy 10 packs of Hydrochloric acid 4% at a discounted price.

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