About Hans Thorn

About Hans Thorn. I was fine until I was about 13 years old. Then reality set in and I became chronically ill from a combination of things. First of all my paradigms from my upbringing started to hurt me. I had an anxious mother who brought all her anxiety and worries over to me. Experiencing two life threatening events that created Post Traumatic Syndrom within me. I started to feel worse and worse until I was so sick that I could not work, study and do sports on a top level. As I had done before.

About Hans Thorn verdicts from conventional medicin

No doctor, psychiatrist or shrink could put me back together again. I tried so hard to feel and act normal. But my body and soul gave me chronic symptoms like panic attacks, depression, allergies, ME and MS like symptoms. I even tried everything within alternative medicin but with no positive results.

About Hans Thorn God helped me

In year 2000 I had given up on life altogether, The only thing I had not looked in to was my contact with God. I started to ask God (the Divine power) for guidance and since that day I can heal myself and others with my intuitive and healing powers. God guided me to create the Soulbalancemethod. Which is an intuitive and spiritual healing method that can heal emotional scars for good from this and past lives.

About Hans Thorn and products

After many years of healing my body was crying for healing from heavy metals from Vaccins and Amalgam fillings. My intuition guided me to Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro Leaf powder for this process. Furthermore I was full with infections like Lyme, Babesia, Epstein Barr and Candida. For this my intuition  told med to use Sodiumchlorite, HCL, Bentonite and DMSO to drink, to do noise irrigation and enemas with.

About Hans Thorn and more products

To get rid of infections deep in the teeth, jaw and skeleton I was guided to use megadoses of C vitamin (ascorbic acid) and Himalaya salt. For the final touch I have created a series of Binaural Beats with specific tones for specific issues. Then the brain will create a tone that will start healing you here and now.

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The Soulbalancemethod in the Swedish version Helmetoden