Binaural Beats for optimal health and success.

Binaural Beats for optimal health and success. This is the most optimal solution for healing here and now. All you need is a player who can play MP3 and a pair of headphones. Listen to the tones as you relax or sleep. You now have the opportunity to heal your health, finances, relationships and improve your results in all areas of life.

Binaural Beats For Optimal Health And Success How Do It Work?

You will receive a 6-hour recording that plays tones with a certain Hz. You have different tones in each ear and the difference is the one that heals you’re wiring within you. So say you have a tone of 110 Hz in one ear and 115 Hz in the other ear then the healing energy is 5 Hz. When the brain creates this signal, it begins to heal what is in imbalance. Different Hz provides different cures.

Binaural Beats for Optimal Health and Success How to Do?

This 6 hour track removes old negative conditioning and creates an inner balance and structure. So take and listen to this track at least once a day for at least 30 minutes and as much as you want. Listen every day for a month or many months for the best effect. You can also listen to the different tracks during the same day.

The recordings you can order

Binaural Beats for optimal health from illness to health in 30 days

The Hz sequence that the brain creates heals physical and mental conditions. Here you reset everything in your energy system regarding health and you get rid of your negative conditioning that create imbalances over and over again.

Binaural Beats for optimal health and for good economy

Here you get healing on negative conditioning regarding finances and money. So if you have a paradigm that money does not grow on trees, it is the paradigm that you repeat over and over again and you remain poor. In this case, the negative of your financial paradigm is erased and you can create the life you want.

Binaural Beats for optimal health and for good relationships

If you are struggling with your conditioning from your current and past relationships, this is something for you. Here, negative conditioning from childhood is erased so that you can create the positive relationships you want free from your past. When your relationships are in balance, so much else will fall into place.

Binaural Beats for optimal health and to perform 100 percent

Many try to succeed in life without accomplishing anything. It can be in life in general, employment, school or sports. It’s like it’s an invisible wall standing in the way and you can’t get the results you want. You become more and more frustrated and then perhaps give up your dreams and aspirations. Here, the negatives are taken away with memories of failure or that one has learned that success is just for others. You now take the power in your own hands and create what you want.

Binaural Beats for Your Health Now

Here you get a track that gives you general balance in life. You may not have any specific problem but you want the support to get and maintain your health. Here you get a tool that makes you wake up with joy and power to take on the challenges of the day. You go from waiting to doing and executing that allows you to create what you want now.

Binaural Beats for optimal health all 5 track package prices

You can now order all 5 tracks at a discounted price. By having access to all 5 tracks, you can heal your negative conditioning from all parts of life. They are extremely powerful tools that can create balance within you today.  

I work a lot with removing negative paradigms which we do here. Unfortunately, many are full of heavy metals and infections that makes us ill and prevent us from getting healthy. See the unique products Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder that cleanse the body from heavy metals. Also take part of C vitamin, Himalayan salt, Sodium chlorite, Hydrochloric acid, Bentonite and DMSO that help the body get rid of all the infections you carry.

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