Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops

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Helmetoden® Body Alignment Drops: Dropparna används för dig som vill korrigera alla kotor i rygg och nacke, samt korrigera ojämn benlängd. Även för dig med diskbråck, skolios och reumatismen samt andra kroppsbesvär. Innehåll; energisatta droppar destiller.

Product Description

Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops: The drops are used for those who want to correct back and neck problems, as well as correct uneven leg length. Also for you with disc rupture, scoliosis and rheumatism and other body disorders.

Content; energized drops as well as distilled water.

Rub into the skin for challenges or for prevention.

4 drops 4 times a day are dropped on the skin and rubbed for maximum effect.

Additional Information

Weight 80 g