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Soulbalancemethod Company for a healthier, richer and more productive life

Soulbalancemethod Company for better results

Do you want to: Have a healthier and more efficient staff with tax-free employee benefits? That your company has less sick leave where the healthy remain healthy and those who feel bad get the opportunity to create balance? Get the most out of every employee without feeling pressure and stressed out?

Soulbalancemethod Company why employees are sick

The reason why so many of us feel bad is often due to a body full of toxins. Like heavy metals in the form of mercury, aluminum, lead etc, as well as viruses and bacteria that never got the chance to heal. It combined with a strong emotional pressure in the form of current stress as well as unprocessed feelings from childhood and adolescence. Makes many of us go around with depression, burnout, pain in the body, and all other physical and mental symptoms one can imagine.

The Soulbalancemethod Company solution

The solution is to restore the natural balance of body and soul: So that we can self-heal and regain the natural energy we can see in young children.

To help the body get balance at the cellular level and thereby get rid of all the debris we carry, we use the Soulbalancemethod Chlorella and Cilantro. Chlorella is a freshwater algae that is well proven internationally to give the body all the nutrition it needs to restore balance. The Chlorella has high chlorophyll content and contains virtually all the vitamins and minerals we need. In Japan, more than 10 million people eat this algae and is recommended by their doctors for health problems.

Cilantro goes deep into the cells and detoxifies what the body has not managed by itself. A doctor in the United States discovered that clients who ate Cilantro had become free of both heavy metals and resilient viruses and bacteria that remained with other clients who did not take the Cilantro.

Together, these two products make up a unique combination to restore health.

The Soulbalancemethod Company C vitamin and Himalayan salt

Many of us have infections that are so established in the body that we never get healthy. By taking megadosas of vitamin C with Himalayan salt, one attacks infection in the body such as Borrelia, Babesia, Epstein Barr and Candida. When these infections disappear, we restore health and we can both be productive and feel an improved quality of life.

The Soulbalancemethod Company emotional blocks

In most cases, you also need to work with your emotional blocks that prevent us from properly detoxifying. Soulbalance also offers those conversations which can be done in groups and / or individually. I work here actively with EFT tapping combined with the Soulbalancemethod to access blocks that are at the energy level. That effects us negatively both in terms of health but also in terms of earnings, which means that we may want to achieve results but our paradigms prevent it. I can quickly correct these imbalances so that balance is restored. And you get the results you want in finances, health and even relationships.

The Soulbalancemethod Business background

My own background is that I have a Master in Marketing from the USA and have worked for a number of years internationally in various managerial functions. Because I felt so bad both physically and mentally, I could not do myself and the companies justice at work. After trying to recover with regular and alternative medicine for 20 years, I found the nutritional and emotional solution. That improved my and my clients’ lives in late 2000 as an advisor for nutrition and health.

The Soulbalancemethod Company offer

Small wellness package: Cilantro, Chlorella, C vitamin and Himalayan salt for the employee for a monthly fee of USD 150 per person. If at least 10 employees take the products, the monthly cost is USD 110 per employee. VAT will be added.

Great wellness package. Cilantro, Chlorella, C vitamin and Himalayan salt for the employee for a monthly fee of USD 140 per person. At at least 10 employees who take the products, the monthly cost is USD 100 per employee. There is at least one meeting in group or a conversation individually for 45 minutes per month for USD 150 per person. If there are at least 10 people who have the meetings or conversations, the cost is USD 130 per person. So for one person it will be USD 290 per month and for more than 10 people USD 230 per person. VAT will be added.

You can have specially adapted solutions for your need for products and services such as EFT tapping in groups or individually. The results come directly and you can see it directly in the company results and the employees health and balance.

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