Cilantro Powder Heavy metal detox

Cilantro Powder Heavy metal detox. When you want to detox in the depth, Soulbalancemethod™ Cilantro powder is the optimal solution. Cilantro helps you to detoxify nerves, endocrine glands, brain and cells in a way that no other natural product can. The Cilantro helps the body to release toxins like mercury, aluminum, lead and other heavy metals.

Cilantro Powder Heavy metal detox with Chlorella

To get these toxins out of the body, you need to take the Soulbalancemethod™ Chlorella Sorokiniana, which binds the poison that the Cilantro releases. It is not recommended to take the Cilantro without the Chlorella as the poisons then remain in the body. Cilantro is the only natural product that can get into the brain and free you from toxins, where large deposits of the heavy metals are stuck. After years of amalgam, vaccine and other poisoning, the cells are often full of poison that makes you physically and mentally ill.

For whom?

The Soulbalancemethod™ Cilantro powder is suitable for all ages and even our animals. The Cilantro powder is delivered in a jar of 80 teaspoons, which lasts about 20 days when consuming 4 teaspoons a day. The price per day for 4 tsp (recommended dose) is between 1,5 and 2,5 USD depending on how you order.

Soulbalancemethod™ Cilantro Powder 1 jar 80 tsp 45 USD incl. vat. Order here

koriander-bladpulverSoulbalancemethod™ Cilantro Powder 10 jars 80 tsp in each jar. 300 USD incl. vat. Order here



Cilantro Powder Heavy metal detox with other products

To get rid of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, worms, parasites and mold, I use a combination of sodium chlorite 22.4%, hydrochloric acid 4%, bentonite and DMSO. I drink, take nasal irrigation and enema with (without DMSO in enema). For deep infections of the teeth, toothbones, jaw and other body, I use Megadoses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt.

Cilantro Powder Heavy metal detox with Binaural Beats

To get rid of negative conditioning from childhood and past life etc, I use Binaural Beats for the healing and removal of negative paradigms. Effective and easy.

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