The Soulbalancemethod

How the Soulbalancemethod works

Through his intuitive contact with God, Hans also received contact with God’s healing ability. Over the years, Hans has gotten exactly what he needed to know how to heal himself and teach others to heal themselves. From this the Soulbalancemethod has been created which is an intuitive and healing coaching tool that creates balance from within the soul. By gaining access to the spiritual level (God outside of us) we can heal the spiritual wounds we carry, which in turn can heal negative emotions, thoughts and results. The soul can bear wounds from this life, past lives, and also in original energy (the origin of all things like humans, animals, plants and matter). With God’s help, we are led to exactly the right blockage that needs balance and healing and the negative feeling that has limited you is healed forever. You are now becoming more and more whole and open to living the life you are destined for, free from negative paradigms that limit your unique ability.