Sodium chlorite 22.4% healing

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Sodium chlorite 22.4% intended for water treatment. It removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and mold and is highly effective.

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Sodium chlorite 22.4% healing

Sodium chlorite 22.4% healing intended for water treatment. It removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and mold and should be protected from heat, UV light and sunlight. Store it standing at room temperature.  100 ml Sustainable 1 year after opening. The product is approved for water purification and nothing else and is dangerous in concentrated doses without water.

Sodium chlorite 22.4% healing for a healthier life

Having a healthy life is what we all want but not everyone has this. Some things can be corrected while others not. I have been chronically ill throughout my life without anyone being able to tell me what was wrong with me and how I should become healthy. My body was full of heavy metals from Vaccinations and Amalgam. I had infections like Lyme, Babesia, Epstein Barr and Candida. The body was in so bad shape that I could barely walk. The diagnosis was ME, anxiety, depression, MS similar symptoms and much more.

Tested Sodium Chlorite 22.4%

Because of the infections i hade severe pain in both body and soul. Babesia found in ticks with Lyme gives malaria similar symptoms and does not come up with regular blood tests. Babesia is also spread from mother to child and through blood. I was about to give up. When I started using sodium chlorite 22.4% with hydrochloric acid 4% which creates chlorine dioxide, my way to healing began. To get the best effect, I also add to Bentonite and DMSO.

Other products that work well with Sodium Chlorite 22.4%

To get rid of heavy metal poisoning, I used Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder. For infections that are deep in the body such as teeth, tooth bone, jaw and skeleton, I use vitamin C and Himalayan salt. For my help, I also have nasal irrigators and enema bags. Sometimes you may need a coaching session where we remove blocks intuitively and with healing. It can be done from childhood, past life or in any other part of life. We can also remove negative energies from you and places. With an intuitive test we can also see what imbalances you have in the body.

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