Nose Irrigator in plastic detox

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Nose cleanser in translucent colored plastic to help you reach the sinuses. In the sinuses, molds, worms, parasites, viruses and bacteria often present problems for both mental and physical health. You will get a protocol how to use the Nose cleanser best in connection with the water treatment products

Product Description

Nose Irrigator in plastic

Nose Irrigator in plastic to help you access the sinuses. For both mental and physical health. 

Nose Irrigator in plastic applications

I discovered that we carry a lot of infections found in the sinuses. I didn’t access these infections with the help of just enema and drinking products. Not until I started using nose irrigation with special products, healing came. It completely blew out infections from the nose like mucus. No beautiful sight but very effective.

Nose Irrigator in plastic for infections

So I had all kinds of infections in the sinus. It was Lyne, Epstein Barr, Babesia, Candida and much more. These had given me all kinds of physical and mental symptoms. I had extreme anxiety that was related to the infections that disappeared. Classical healthcare claimed that the anxiety was mental imbalance but had nothing to do with it.

With other products

I take Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder to get rid of heavy metals. I take a mixture of sodium chlorite 22.4%, hydrochloric acid 4%, Bentonite and DMSO to get rid of pathogens (Never take DMSO in enema). C vitamin and Himalayan salt is taken in megadosas together to get rid of infections in teeth, tooth bone , jaw and skeleton.

Nose Irrigator in plastic success

Getting Healthy From Vaccination Injuries, Amalgam Poisoning And Chronic Infections is not simple but you can. I had no one to help me with my healing since neither school medicine nor alternative medicine knew the cause of my symptoms or how to treat them. Symptoms I had where ME, allergies, anxiety, depression and MS similar symptoms. I healed myself and became healthy.

Binaural Beats

When healing I would recommend to use Binaural Beats which helps the body and mind to get the best healing frequencies into the body. I have developed different frequencies for health, finances, health and success.

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