Enema bag 2 L (Reusable)
Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) detox

Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) in red or blue natural rubber. Specify the color you want in the comment field when ordering.

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  • USD: $ 33.95
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Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable)
Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable)

Enema bag Silicone 2L (Reusable) consists of 6 parts. Bag, hose, hose clamp, hook, a nozzle and a vaginal shower nozzle

450.00kr Tax included
  • USD: $ 43.65
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Nose Irrigator in plastic
Nose Irrigator in plastic detox

Nose cleanser in translucent colored plastic to help you reach the sinuses. In the sinuses, molds, worms, parasites, viruses and bacteria often present problems for both mental and physical health. You will get a protocol how to use the Nose cleanser best in connection with the water treatment products

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  • USD: $ 19.40
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