Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable)

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Enema bag Silicone 2L (Reusable) consists of 6 parts. Bag, hose, hose clamp, hook, a nozzle and a vaginal shower nozzle

Product Description

Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable)

Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable) consists of 6 parts. Bag, hose, hose clamp, hook, a nozzle and a vaginal shower nozzle. The bag is top-loaded and open, which makes it easy to pour in the liquid and that it is easy to clean.

Why Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable)

Enemas have been used for thousands of years for health reasons. It was already known in ancient times that a healthy intestine provides a healthy body. The intestine affects your entire health and if it is in imbalance you can get both physical and psychological problems. Many people with anxiety, depression and other mental ailments get better or well when performing enema. Unfortunately, the use of enemas has fallen into oblivion through modern medicine but is on its way back when we want to be and remain healthy.

What kind of enema can you make with the bag?

Some people do an enema before an examination or surgery. If you are chronically ill then you may want to do the enema every day until you get back your health. I myself have been severely ill from Vaccinations, Amalgam, Lyme, Epstein Barr and Candida. I became much better from the products I take but the big breakthrough came when I started doing enemas. If you fill the bag with water, you will reach the entire colon and I cleaned out pathogens such as worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold. It took two years to get completely clean.

Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable) what to use in it

I use sodium chlorite 22.4%, hydrochloric acid 4%, bentonite and DMSO for my health to remove pathogens (Do not have DMSO in enema). It helps against worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold. Some use only water or some other product they have chosen.

Enemabag Silicone 2L (Reusable) complement with products

I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder for heavy metal poisoning. Vitamin C and Himalayan salt in megadosas help me with infections in the teeth, tooth bone, jaw and skeleton. Apart from Enemas, I also do Nose Irrigations to get rid of infections that are in the sinuses.

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