Binaural Beats money and wealth

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Binaural Beats money and wealth helps you remove negative conditioning so you can achieve the finances you want in life now.


Product Description

Binaural Beats money and wealth

Binaural Beats money and wealth helps you remove negative conditioning so you can achieve the finances you want in life. You listen to the sound with a pair of headphones with a Hz frequency in one ear and with another in the other ear. The difference in frequency is then created by the brain and begins to heal directly. So if you have a frequency of 410 Hz in one ear and 400 Hz in the other the brain will create a healing frequency of 10 Hz.

Binaural Beats money and wealth how?

Best is if you listen at least 30 minutes a day, but you can listen as much as you want. Listen for at least a month for the best effect, but you can listen for as long as you like. You can listen awake or while you sleep. But avoid doing any activity that requires concentration as listening to the sound can make you sleepy. Avoid driving when listening and always use headphones as the beats only work then.

Binaural Beats money and wealth who?

This track is for everyone who wants to get away from always struggling with the finances to have plenty of money. It should not be struggling to have good finances. But for many it is this that governs all the hours of the day. Many of us have been so influenced by childhood conditioning that we never get away from them and repeate the same pattern over and over again. Have you seen or been taught patterns of imbalance in childhood then you will most likely repeat the same pattern. Then you apply the same pattern to your children. This track neutralizes the negative in us and we get a clean memory to work with. Much like when you clean the memory of a computer.

Binaural Beats money and wealth other tracks?

Yes, at present there are some other tracks available. You can listen to Binaural Beats for From Illness to Health, Relationships, Perform 100% and Maintain Health. You can also order a package with all 5 tracks for optimal healing. I work a lot with removing negative paradigms which we do here. Unfortunately, many are full of heavy metals and infections. They block us and prevent us from getting healthy. See the unique products Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder that cleanse the body from heavy metals. Also take part of vitamin C, Himalayan salt, Sodium chlorite, Hydrochloric acid, Bentonite and DMSO that help the body get rid of all the infections you carry.

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