Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops

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Helmetoden® Detox Drops: Dropparna används för dig som vill bli av med kvicksilver, amalgam, aluminium, klor, flour, parasiter, bakterier, virus och andra toxiner i kropp, tanke, känslor och själ. Innehåll; energisatta droppar samt destillerat vatten.

Product Description

Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops

Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops are specially developed energy-set healing drops that help you in different situations and conditions. Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops are available in 6 variants to help you with all kinds of challenges.

The drops are used for those who want to get rid of mercury, amalgam, aluminum, chlorine, fluoride, parasites, bacteria, viruses and other toxins in the body, thought, emotions and soul.

Content; energized drops and distilled water. Rub into the skin if necessary or for preventive purposes. 4 drops 4 times a day are dropped onto the skin and rubbed for maximum effect.

Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops how do they work?

Everything is energy. Health has a certain energy and poor health has another. Energy can never disappear, but only transforms into another form. Studies have been done on water where the water is exposed to positive and negative words. The water has completely different structure depending on what words are mentioned. The positive words give calm and harmony to the water. The body consists of 80% of water so then you can understand what happens if it gets a negative programming. These drops have a frequency that detoxifies the body in a calm and effective manner.

Soulbalancemethod Detox Drops with other products

There are actually 3 ways to get sick, One way is to get negative conditioning from childhood, past lives or the present. This can be corrected with the Soulbalancemethod Coaching and Healing. You can also get heavy metal poisoning from Vaccinations and Amalgam etc. I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder for this. For pathogens and infections, I use sodium chlorite 22.4%, hydrochloric acid 4%, bentonite and DMSO. Drink, take nasal irrigation and enema with (without DMSO in enema). Megadoses of vitamin C and Himalayan salt together are used for infections deep within the body such as teeth, toothbone, jaw, skeleton and other body.

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The Soulbalancemethod in the Swedish version Helmetoden

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