Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops

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Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops: The drops are used for those who want to correct all vertebras in the back and neck, and correct uneven bone length

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Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops

Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops: The drops are used for those who want to correct all vertebras in the back and neck, and correct uneven bone length. Also for you with hernia, scoliosis and rheumatism as well as other body problems.

Body Alignment Drops are specially developed energy-set healing drops that help you in different situations and conditions. Body Alignment Drops are available in 6 variants to help you with all kinds of challenges.

Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops how does it work?

Everything is energy. Every thought you have and every thing that exists is just energy. Depending on whether we feel good or bad about ourselves, we have a certain energy. Being healthy has a certain frequency and being ill another. With Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops, we help the body correct all vertebrae that exist. I myself had severe back problems that could not be corrected by a doctor or chiropractor. Not until I started to correct my energy in my back, my back problems disappeared.

Why do we get sick?

There are three main reasons for illness. It can be emotional blocks from childhood, past lives or in the present. You can be heavy metal poisoned from Vaccinations and Amalgam etc. Many also have infections and pathogens in them such as Lyme, Babesia, Epstein Barr, Candida, Virus, Bacteria, Worms, Parasites and Mold.

Soulbalancemethod Body Alignment Drops with other products

Soulbalancemethod coaching and healing takes care of the emotional issues. Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder are used for heavy metal poisoning. Sodium chlorite 22.4%, Hydrochloric acid 4%, Bentonite and DMSO take care of infections and pathogens. Drink, take nasal irrigation and enema with (never take DMSO in enema). Megadoses of vitamin C with Himalayan salt together take care of infections of the teeth, tooth bone, jaw, skeleton and other body.

Content; energized drops and distilled water. Rub into the skin if necessary or for preventive purposes. 4 drops 4 times a day are dropped onto the skin and rubbed for maximum effect.

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