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Soulbalance book pdf. For a child to grow up to a whole person, who lives life to the fullest and utilises their full capacity

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Soulbalance book pdf

Soulbalance book pdf. For a child to grow up to a whole person, who lives life to the fullest and utilises their full capacity. It is not enough with good food, a home and clean clothes, we know that. In addition, the child needs love and encouragement and a broad set of other emotional affirmations. Every child has a unique soul that needs just the right nutrition to develop their full potential. Most of us haven’t got exactly what we need during our upbringing. Some of us also carry wounds from past lives. As a result, many of us struggle with external and internal imbalances that limit our quality of life and in some cases make it impossible to live a dignified life.

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It may be poor self-esteem, anxiety or depression. But also about poor finances, an inability to deal with successes or setbacks, or difficulties in maintaining close relationships. With this book you get an opportunity to create a life in balance by self-fulfilling all the shortcomings of your life. The Soulbalancemethod is an effective tool that teaches you to intuitively identify your limitations. Then you can heal your injuries – at a spiritual, soul, emotional, mental and physical level. Soulbalance helps you see your opportunities and create success and balance on all levels of life.

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In addition to emotional imbalances that are handled in the book, one can have heavy metal poisoning and pathogens in the body. They can affect us negatively both physically and mentally. That’s why I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder for heavy metals from Vaccinations and Amalgam etc. Sodium chlorite 22.4%, Hydrochloric acid 4%, Bentonite and DMSO I use for pathogens and infections. I drink, take nasal irrigation and enema with (never take DMSO in enema) these products. Megadoses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Himalayan salt I take together for infections of the teeth, tooth bones, jaw, skeleton and other body.

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