Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) detox

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Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) in red or blue natural rubber. Specify the color you want in the comment field when ordering.

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Enema Bag 2 L (Reusable)

Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) in red or blue natural rubber. Specify the color you want in the comment field when ordering. The package includes bottle, cork for enema, cork for hot water bottle, hose, hook, nozzle for enema, nozzle for vaginal douche and hose clamp.

Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) for what?

Enemas have been made since ancient times and have worked well for general health. In the past, enemas were a large part of the healing in the healthcare sector, but in recent decades it has fallen into oblivion. When taking enemas you clean the colon from excess material. It is said that John Wayne, who was an actor, has 20 kg of debris in the intestines. Has died of colon cancer. Some only take water in the enema while others take some solution to clean the intestine. The more one fills the bag with water, the higher one gets in the colon.

Enema bag 2 L (reusable) how often?

Some people only make an enema for an operation which is quite ok. I use the enema bag myself to strengthen the intestine and use it every day. I have been chronically ill the largest part of my life in ME, allergies, anxiety, phobias, MS similar symptoms and much more. When I began to heal myself with eating and drinking products for health, I noticed that the intestine did not become healthy all the time. It wasn’t until I started doing enemas with products that killed pathogens that I got healthy. My body was cleaned from worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold. It took about 2 years of daily use before all pathogens were gone.

Enema bag 2 L (Reusable) Which products support health?

I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder to get rid of heavy metals. Sodium chlorite 22.4%, Hydrochloric acid 4%, Bentonite and DMSO for pathogens, In order to get rid of infections in the teeth, toothbones, jaw and skeleton I use vitamin C and Himalayan salt. I take most of the products orally but some I also take as enema (no DMSO in enemas) and nasal irrigation.

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