Soulbalancemethod Coaching 120 minutes

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Soulbalancemethod Coaching 120 minutes. During your coaching Hans will guide you with the help of coaching, healing and mediality.


Product Description

Soulbalancemethod Coaching 120 minutes

Soulbalancemethod Coaching 120 minutes. In recent years, the Soulbalancemethod has rapidly spread as a leading method of self-healing or getting help to be healed by a Soulbalancemethod coach. During your coaching Hans will guide you with the help of coaching, healing and mediality to your spiritual reasons why you do not have the balance you want in your life. This may concern health, finances and / or relationships where the Soulbalancemethod will go into depth and heal the spiritual cause of your problems. Once the spiritual cause is resolved, you will be helped by the Divine power to heal the problems concerning feelings, thoughts, and physical issues.

The Soulbalancemethod works with this life, past lives and also other dimensions to help you solve all your challenges.

Remove negative energies

With Helmetods Coaching 120 minutes, Hans helps you remove negative energies that you have drawn on you. They can come from this life, past lives and even other dimensions. When you are influenced by these negative energies, all natural laws are put out of play. The law of attraction then does not work to your advantage, but you get bad results no matter how much you try. Negative energies can be placed in you consciously or unconsciously. The results remain negative in finances, health, relations etc.

Negative energies in houses and places

With Soulbalancemethod coaching 120 minutes, we can also remove negative energy in houses and places. This is why some people do not like their homes or avoid some places. We make sure that the negative never defeats you.

Products that help get the balance back

Over the years, I have seen where many get well by the healing with Soulbalancemethod Coaching 120 minutes but there is something else needed to become completely well. For heavy metal poisoning injuries from Vaccinations Injuries and Amalgam etc. I use Chlorella Sorokiniana and Cilantro leaf powder. With Soulbalancemethod coaching 120 minutes we also see if you need the water purification products for pathogens such as worms, parasites, viruses, bacteria and mold. I drink, take irrigation and enemas with this mixture. I Also uses megadosas of vitamin C and Himalayan salt to get rid of infections in teeth, toothbone. jaw and skeleton.

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