Take the chance and become a certified Soubalancemethod coach.

During a total of 6 days, you will learn how to heal yourself and your clients at all levels. During the course of the training you will develop your medium and healing ability according to the Soulbalancemethod, where you can help yourself and your clients get rid of negative conditioning and energies that prevent us from living our truth. You will become your own master and you now release your knowledge to prepare a place for your soulful wisdom for healing. Your spiritual wisdom is what will help your clients, and that’s nothing you can read in books, but it’s your divine intuition that speaks. For those who are not in balance, it does not matter, as the course also works as a self-healing process, where you heal your negative conditioning and negative energies during the journey. The combination of intuitive messages associated with healing makes the Soulbalancemethod very effective, where you can heal both paradigms and negative energies in all possible situations. After the course you can coach, hold workshops with the Soulbalancemethod Pyramid and present demos according to the Soulbalancemethod.

After completing the course, you will become a Certified Soulbalancemethod coach which is a receipt that you master intuitive coaching.

The investment is 2500 USD incl. VAT for six days (2 three-day blocks). Now even with possible installment up to 24 months. Registration and payment via webshop. You can email Hans for all details about the coach training at hans@soulbalancemethod.com in connection with the payment. See the current Soulbalancemethod near you to know where the nearest coach training is held.

The Soulbalancemethod is the most amazing gift i ever have encountered. I was physically cured and had to cancel my surgery !!! Today, I work as a full-time coach and am fascinated each time over this method. Miracles happen every time. Everyone who comes into contact with this should really try, Fantastic! I’m so thankful.
Anna-Karin Holm Perrin Soulbalancemthod Coach