His Background

Hans grew up in Stockholm and England. During his first years of life, he lived in balance and joy. Through two tragic events where the parents allowed him to be violated, life changed abruptly. He became more and more depressed over the years, but kept a strong and balanced facade outward. From about 14 years of age until 2005, Hans fought with existential anxiety 24 hours a day without being helped by physicians, psychologists or alternative therapists.

His unique abilities

In November 2003, Hans got his insight about his intuitive ability. From one day to another, Hans was guided by God how to heal himself and others. Initially, Hans was very skeptical of the whole, but over the years miracles after miracles have appeared in front of his and his clients eyes. Today, Hans knows that God is always with him in His quest to help as many as possible to share God’s healing and insights about our intuitive power.

Hans in Media

He has frequently appeared in the media such as television, radio shows and magazines. Hans is famous for daring to show the way to each individual’s healing and intuitive ability.